In today’s era; most of the diseases are concerned with the gastrointestinal tract. Ayurveda teaches us digestive mechanism on cellular levels and various factors affecting it. It thus guides us to use appropriate herbs to tackle exact situations and keep the stomach and the intestines fit to enjoy various delicacies that nature offers. Jiwadaya has become a household name over the years. Ramdas Shah, a practitioner of Ayurveda who served at a humanitarian organization explained the principles of ayurveda, that pure medicine will bring relief from sufferings without inducing any adverse action.

He anticipated to develop a remedy, such that its application would cause no harm due to its ayurvedic properties and that would be economical for common man The company product portfolio is broad and includes over 25 Ayurvedic products spanning a multitude of therapeutic areas. We take pride in becoming one of the first companies to receive the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification from the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) of India. This demonstrates our ongoing commitment towards providing quality products.

Our products are available worldwide, throughout the Indian sub-continent, South-East Asia, US, Europe, Middle East and Africa. We are seeking growth opportunities in foreign markets through export orientation.

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