Syp. Antaj is a liquid formulation which allows for fast absorption in the body resulting in quick relief. When a drug is in solution, it is already down to the molecular level and therefore is readily absorbable because the body does not have to do any further disintegration to the active pharmaceutical ingredient. Liquids do offer a lot of flexibility with dosing and are very easy for most people to take. Antaj mainly acts on stomach and duodenum; among these 2 organs, stomach contains hydrochloric acid whereas duodenum receives bile and pancreatic juices from liver and pancreas respectively. Hence both this organs possess liquid form as a medium of action. Syrup Antaj being liquid, having similar physical properties, works better as it gets absorbed faster.


200ml & 400ml bottles

Antaj is also available in a chewable tablet form! It is widely known that antacid tablets although more convenient, are less effective buffers, unless they are thoroughly chewed for maximal efficacy.* Antaj tablet is not an exception for this! As it is chewed, it gets mixed with the saliva of the mouth. And from there only its action starts.

Though Antaj syrup would work faster due to it being liquid and because of the reasons explained above, Antaj tablet in the chewable form will still work comparatively fast. The reason for introducing the Chewable tablet is to offer the advantage of being in a handy form of tablet strip which is convenient to carry at the places like office/travelling etc. where the syrup bottle may pose some inconvenience.

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Strips of 15 Tabs(Chewable)

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