Unique Advantages

  • Syp. Antaj contains a blend of herbs i.e. Shunthi, Kali draksha, Amla,Aragvadha, Kirat-tikta, which provides quick relief from the symptoms of gastritis such as flatulence (gas), abdominal distention, hyperacidity, heartburn, thereby improving digestive function. Also, the excellent combination of Yashtimadu, Khajur, Shatavari, and Guduchi; protects the gastric mucosa from harmful effects of the stomach acid and promotes healing of damaged tissues.
  • As per Ayurveda, in the treatment of Amlapitta (gastritis), medicines that have sweet (madhur) and bitter (tikta) tastes are preferred. The sweet taste cools & soothes the stomach lining from corrosive stomach acid, while the bitter taste helps break the formation of excessive sour bile (Pitta) in the stomach. Syp. Antaj comprises of ingredients that have the sweetness and bitterness to act against excessive hot natured vitiated Pitta. It reduces the excess stomach acid and also inhibits secretion of excess acid, thereby protecting the gastric mucosa from damage due to the same.
  • Antaj can be given as an adjuvant to anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs in order to avoid their prime side effect of gastritis.

Among following three grounds, Modern drugs for gastritis and peptic ulcer work on either 1 or 2

  1. Gastric antacids (aluminum hydroxide gel, magnesium oxide etc.) act as weak base, neutralize the gastric HCL and increase the gastric pH above 4.
  2. Gastric acid secretion inhibition through
    1. Use of histamine (H2)receptor antagonist like Cimedine;
    2. Proton pump inhibitors like Omeprazole;
    3. Antimuscarinic like Pirenzepine accompanied with antacids that decreases the gastric motility in order to relieve pain and promote ulcer healing
  3. Mucosal protective drugs e.g. Bismuth salt, sucralfet etc.

Syp. Antaj works on all these 3 grounds. It not only reduces the excess acid but also inhibits the secretion of the excess acid and protects the gastric mucosa from damage due to the same.

  1. Syrup Antaj Syp. Antaj is a liquid formulation which allows for fast absorption in the body resulting in quick relief.
  2. Tablet AntajIt is widely known that antacid tablets although more convenient, are less effective buffers, unless they are thoroughly chewed for maximal efficacy (Ref. Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics- R. S. Satoskar et al., revised 18th edition, popular prakashan, Mumbai). Antaj tablet is not an exception for this! It is prepared as a chewable tablet only thus making it more effective than others.
  1. Hyperacidity is a common dietary disorder that occurs due to irregular eating habits. In such condition, there is excessive secretion of gastric juices due to which the level of acid in the stomach increases, thus leading to discomfort and burning sensation.
  2. Flatulence is the state of having excessive gas in the stomach or intestinal tract. It accumulates the gas in the alimentary canal. This usually happens due to the breakdown of undigested food or lactose intolerance or the malabsorption of certain foods.
  3. Heart Burn is a burning sensation that occurs in the chest and is caused by the acid present in the stomach. This burning sensation creates discomfort in the chest area usually when the acid rises up from the stomach.
  4. Dyspepsia is a functional disease in which the stomach and the opening of the small intestine do not function properly. As it is a chronic disease, its symptoms fluctuate in frequency. Upper abdominal pain, Vomiting, Abdominal bloating are few symptoms caused due to dyspepsia.
  5. Gastritis is an inflammatory condition with discomfort in the upper abdominal due to indigestion. It inflames the lining of the stomach and exposes the gastric mucosa to danger. Gastritis can also be caused due to anti inflammatory drugs, stress or excessive use of alcohol.
  6. Peptic Ulcer are sores in the stomach lining or lower esophagus that cause abdominal pain extending from the navel to the chest. They are the areas of degeneration and necrosis of gastro- intestinal mucosa exposed to acid-peptic secretion.
  7. Improves Appetite Exaggerated pitta (bile) diminishes metabolic fire (Agni). This leads to low appetite. Antaj pacifies pitta and helps to regain or improve appetite.

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